This is the diary of how I got my first book published – a memoir about building the international jet-setting life that I always wanted after my marriage and the American dream I had collapsed.

This is one woman’s story about what life after divorce looks like.

Welcome to the New Year

It’s new year’s in Lausanne. Between greeting people with Happy New Year and Bonne Année, it’s time to get back to writing my book, in some form.

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siamese tabby mix cat with blue eyes staring into the camera

Minnie’s Obituary

The obituary for Minnie, my beloved cat. Born sometime in 2008 (Seattle, WA, USA). Adopted 2011. Moved to Switzerland 2017. Moved to Tokyo, Japan 2018. Moved to Lausanne, Switzerland 2019. Died November 13, 2023, Lausanne, Switzerland.

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The Day I Got Divorced

Today is the Swiss National Day in Switzerland It’s the day that the first cantons of Switzerland decided to stay independent together (or something like that).

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