Hi, I 'm Laura!

What do you do when your marriage falls apart? And you realize the life you have isn’t the one you wanted? Especially when everyone watching thinks you’ve got it all.

Hi, I’m Laura Howe and I am the author of a story about how I built the life I always wanted and found a home away from home after my marriage that American pop culture raised me to want collapsed. You can read it in my upcoming book, “What Happened After: Dispatches from an International Jet-Setting Divorcée.”

Through writing, I discovered who I was, what I always wanted, and how to share that joy with others. That’s why I founded my own business, Dispatched Divorcée. I’m here to help women build, define, and thrive in the chapter of their lives after divorce.

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Originally from Seattle, Washington, USA, I live in Lausanne, Switzerland after a stint living in Tokyo, Japan with my cat, Minnie. You can follow me on Instagram at @cheekylamiki

Reach out: hello@laurahowe.me

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